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4 Reasons to Choose Invisalign

by Claude Sullivan

If your teeth are not as straight and even as you would like them to be, there are several ways in which you can adjust them. One option is to have fixed braces, although many people do not like the idea of having brackets and wires attached to their teeth that they cannot remove. Another option is to use Invisalign, which is a method of smile straightening that uses clear, removable plastic aligners to gradually move teeth into a more even alignment. Here are a few reasons why Invisalign could be the perfect treatment option for you.

1. Invisalign Is Almost Invisible

If you want to straighten your smile, but worry that you might receive comments or judgment from your colleagues, family, or friends, then Invisalign is a great choice of treatment. The clear aligners are almost invisible and certainly much less noticeable than traditional braces.

2. Invisalign Is Comfortable

Many people worry that braces will be too uncomfortable for them to bear. You might have heard horror stories about loose wires cutting into a person's gum, or brackets scraping against the insides of the cheeks. Invisalign aligners contain no sharp edges or uncomfortable parts. You can even take them out if you ever feel like you need a break from the gentle pressure they exert on the teeth. If comfort is a priority for you during orthodontic treatment, then Invisalign is surely the right option.

3. Invisalign Is Easy

Cleaning your teeth when you have fixed braces can be a time consuming and even frustrating business. Invisalign takes the hassle out of orthodontic treatment by using aligners that are very easy to clean and care for. Simply take the aligners out before you brush your teeth, clean your mouth as normal, brush the aligners to remove any traces of food or plaque, and then rinse them before reinserting them. The whole process takes only slightly longer than your regular dental hygiene routine and doesn't require any special tools.

4. Invisalign Is Effective

Some treatments that sound too good to be true definitely are, but that is not the case for Invisalign. This method of orthodontic treatment can correct a range of misalignment issues, including gaps between front teeth, incisors that stick out, and teeth that are twisted. Not every orthodontic problem can be fixed using Invisalign, but it is a good option for many of the most common issues.