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Quick Tips for Maintaining Your Invisalign Braces

by Claude Sullivan

If you want straighter teeth and are comparing different treatments, Invisalign treatment is one of the most convenient options out there. However, as with any type of braces, you need to engage in ongoing maintenance to make them work for you. With a few quick tips, you can keep your Invisalign braces clean and make your teeth straightening journey easier.

Rinsing Every Night

Even with the best will in the world, it isn't possible to keep your braces free from food particles. Because of this, you need to rinse yours every night. Make sure you rinse them using either clear water or a gentle soap. Additionally, you should brush them with a soft-bristled brush. Don't use the brush you use for your teeth, as the bristles are usually too hard. By taking a thorough approach to rinsing, you can remove food particles and ensure your braces are clean enough to prevent unwelcome bacterial growth.

Soaking Each Day

A daily soak can go a long way towards ensuring your braces remain clear. Soak your braces either in clear water or in a solution that your orthodontist approves of. Soaking them for two hours at a time that's convenient for you allows stains to lift. You may find it easier to soak your braces at night rather than during the daytime.

Using Your Case

When you first get braces, you'll naturally feel enthusiastic about storing them correctly. But as time goes on, it's easy to slip into bad habits such as leaving your braces out in the open air. By doing this, you're increasing the likelihood of them breaking, and you may promote bacterial overgrowth. It's wise to take your case with you wherever you go. That way, when you need to eat or take your braces out for other reasons, you'll always have somewhere to place them that keeps them safe.

Sticking to Water

Again, when you first get your braces, you need to remain vigilant when it comes to eating and drinking. Although it's unlikely you'll try eating with them in, the temptation to drink something other than water could become an issue. It's always worth remembering that fluids other than water have a pH balance that isn't conducive to maintaining your braces. Stick to drinking water and always place your braces in their protective case when you need to drink something else. If you do accidentally drink something else, rinse them thoroughly afterwards.